Keith Safian | Senior Advisory Services
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Delivering consistent, profitable growth in highly complex systems and lean environments.

Significant board experience.


I am a Wharton MBA with two engineering degrees. Highly analytical, yet entrepreneurial and hands-on, I am uniquely qualified to provide senior advisor services to CEO’s of private and public organizations, with a focus on strategic growth and, at the same time, operational and financial performance improvement.  My mandate is prioritizing innovation in order to expand business while consistently finding opportunities to be more cost-effective, including strategic affiliations and divestitures.

By following the advice I was given early in my career by a nun who ran a Midwest hospital – “no margin, no mission” – I brought three hospitals back from the verge of bankruptcy to expand into profitability and provide the highest level of care.

In addition to leading hospitals, I served as President of PMHC Realty General Partnership, Robin’s Nest Child Care, and Phelps Professional Building Limited Partnership, and as Chairman of the NorMet Hospital Association and The ExcelCare System.  I have been a member of 20 boards of directors.

Now serving as a CEO Advisor, I bring my decades of hands-on leadership experience in operations, strategy, and growth to guide established public and privately-held businesses, as well as 11 start-ups.

I have been described as not only a strategic thinker but as a strategic “do-er” – not just envisioning the future but implementing it.  And as a “proven executive with new and tested ideas, capable of building and adapting exciting and responsive programs in a collaborative leadership mode”.

My value to CEOs

CEOs live with constant uncertainty and ambiguity

The changing political, economic, sociodemographic and increasingly important technologic landscapes exert exacting pulls on businesses in all sectors.  The complex pressure on leaders comes from the board of directors, customers, staff, and regulators.  My role comprises informer, facilitator, sounding board, strategic planner, business analyst, and coach.

It’s lonely at the top

CEOs often have no peers within the organization and there are issues and challenges that leaders at the top cannot discuss internally. At other times, an independent, experienced voice can validate and help shape a concept or plan.

Value of an outside advisor

As a CEO, I discovered the value of an outside advisor, who not only was an excellent sounding board, but helped me to strengthen the relationships with my direct reports, and others, to enhance team and organizational performance.  Effectively managing people is a crucial but difficult responsibility of leadership.

Strategic acumen must be supported by tactical nimbleness

CEOs are responsible for the big picture so that opportunities can be realized and competitive threats overcome.  My experience rising up the ranks in large and small organizations, from assistant administrator to CEO, has meant being on the floors, in the C-Suite, and in the boardroom.  I understand the details of operations and workflows and, therefore, can assist my clients at a usual level.

By following the advice I was given early in my career by a nun who ran a Midwest hospital, “no margin, no mission”, I’ve been able to bring hospitals back from the verge of bankruptcy to provide the highest level of medical care to the communities they serve.
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