Keith Safian | Westchester County Association
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Westchester County Association

Access. Advocacy. Action.

WCA’s Mission Statement:
As the preeminent business membership organization in Westchester County, its mission is to:

  • Drive economic vitality and development in Westchester and the region;
  • Stimulate new business creation;
  • Provide a strong and clear voice for the interests of businesses of all sizes on the regional, state, national and international levels;
  • Be an information resource center for our members.

Keith Safian’s Involvement:

Keith Safian has been actively involved with the Westchester County Association for a number of years, during his tenure as CEO of Phelps Hospital and as the CEO of Safian & Company, LLC.

  • Westchester Biotech Project Advisory Board, 2017-present
  • Moderator, Resources for Funding Research, Innovation in Research Symposium, Oct. 2017
  • Presenter, Westchester Biotech Cluster Development, Dec. 2017
  • Special Consultant, Gigabit Westchester Initiative, 2016-present
  • Strategy Committee, 2015-present
  • Planning Retreat, 2017
  • Smart County Lab Planning with Deloitte, 2017
  • Board Retreat participant, 2016
  • Healthcare Consortium, 2013-present
  • County Budget Review Group, 2016
  • Health Tech Symposium Steering Committee, 2012-16
  • Blueprint for Advocacy, 2016
  • Innovation Task Force, 2016
  • Blueprint for Talent, 2015-16
  • Panelist/Judge, Face Time, HealthTech ’15 Conference
  • Blue Ribbon Task Force on Healthcare Reform, 2011-13
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