Keith Safian | Approach
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Analytical Approach

An unusual combination compared to typical strategy OR operational consultant,

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I was a very hands-on CEO: I reviewed EVERY line of EVERY budget for 60 departments when I lead the turnaround of this business; I visited every room and space in every building (from the penthouse to the sub-basement on a 69-acre campus); I knew at least half of the employees by name; I had 10 direct reports and ran ALL major decisions through this leadership group.

Example of what I do:

  1. Layout of new office space that he is considering
    1. I helped him design the workflow, office sizes, vision panels, acoustics, planning for future additional staff; even the communications closet
  2. Leasing/buying new vehicles for the employees to use
    1. I recommended two sources for discounts on vehicle purchases
  3. Marketing, target audiences, where to invest the marketing budget
    1. I helped him analyze the profit margin generated by each audience
    2. I gave him specific suggestions on new sources of referrals
  4. A major human resources problem
    1. I suggested ways to hold the problem employee accountable without losing a valuable employee
  5. Productivity of personnel
    1. Following up on previous discussions of measuring productivity to enhance productivity and increase profits
  6. Customer communications
    1. I prepared some guidelines for his consideration
  7. Strategic planning:
    1. Recruitment of personnel – I suggested sources of potential hires
    2. Lateral expansion of the company into new but related fields
    3. Strategies for helping the entire firm embrace (rather than fear) its growth – he shared that existing staff may be threatened by recruiting
  8. Articles/clippings that I collected prior to our meeting and shared with him:
    1. Growing revenue and sustaining it
    2. 3 steps for better cybersecurity
    3. Article about a regional firm that could generate referrals
    4. Containing repetitional fallout (they advertise a lot on social media)
    5. Environmental risks (potential source of business)
    6. Clipping about a local trade association (potential source of business)
    7. Ad about another local trade organization (potential source)

Why CEO’s need me:

  1. CEOs live with constant uncertainty and ambiguity
  2. Issues and challenges that CEOs can’t discuss with anyone else
  3. Lonely at the top
  4. No peers in their organization
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